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Saturday, January 16, 2016

25 members of DAP Pantai Sepang Putra division left party

SEPANG - Twenty five members of DAP Pantai Sepang Putra division in Sungai Pelek have declared to leave the party effective Jan 16, after losing confidence in the top leadership following dissatisfaction and discrimination in the party practices.

The division former secretary N. Thanaletchumi said a declaration letter was sent on Friday to convey their intention to leave DAP to the party’s headquarters and Registrar of Societies (ROS).

"We have lost confidence in the party, which has yet to be recognised by the ROS and practices racial discrimination.

"The decision was made unanimously by all of us in the division because we are disappointed with the top leadership," she said, adding the division has also been dissolved effectively.

The division former head N.Muthusamy said they had enough after being neglected on numerous occasions.

He said the division's inquiries on allocations and aid were ignored.

"They only wanted us when they needed the votes of the people in Sungai Pelek but they do not communicate with us on anything," he said, here, today.

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