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Friday, January 8, 2016

Bring back tax exemptions for electric cars

Malaysian film actress, television host, and singer, Maya Karin is putting her name to what she believes is a good cause with environmental and economic implications, by petitioning Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to re-introduce the 100% import and excise duties exemption for Malaysians to purchase electric vehicles (EV).

In the petition posted online at, Maya Karin addressed it directly to "Dato' Sri Najib Razak, Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia".

Showing a good grasp of the economic and financial details of the issue, she wrote a passionate plea for the Malaysian government to reconsider tax exemptions for hybrid and electric vehicles.

She also pointed out that the government's removal of the exemption in 2012 was intended to encourage the local hybrids and EV industry to grow but in actual fact, only allowed a small group of rich people to benefit.

"Tax exemption for hybrids and EVs introduced in 2011 were removed in 2014, with the exception that only locally assembled hybrids and EVs will receive tax incentives.

"The irony of this policy is that EVs today have to be imported because with our current demand, there is no reason to locally assemble an electric car which has no engine and transmission parts. But yet the Government is giving the Mercedes S400 hybrid which normally cost RM880,000, a RM300,000 tax saving for small group of rich people to buy them.

"With tax exemption for the EVs:

  • a RM200,000 Renault Zoe today could become only RM130,000;
  • a RM190,000 Nissan Leaf could become RM150,000;
  • and a RM550,000 Tesla Model S could become RM350,000.
"The tax incentives introduced by the Government in 2011 resulted in a massive growth of hybrid car sales in Malaysia, soaring to 8,403 units in 2011 and almost doubling to 15,355 units in 2012.

"Why stop a policy that has such a profound impact towards nation building and meeting our national environmental objectives by year 2020?" she asked, urging her fans and readers to act by signing the petition with the goal of reaching 100,000 signatures."

The full script of her petition can be read here.

"If you are concerned about clean air and our health, electric cars and putting Malaysia on a path that removes the environmental and economic implications of fossil fuels – go ahead and sign it!" Maya tells her fans and readers in concluding her petition.

- mD

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