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Friday, January 8, 2016

Don’t Be Evasive on the RCI Report

KOTA KINABALU - It is time  for the Deputy Chief Minister and Chairman of the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) working technical committee on illegal immigrants in Sabah, Tan Sri Datuk Pairin Joseph Pairin Kitingan,  not to be evasive and to come clean with the actual problems he is facing in completing the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI)  working technical committee’s  report.

Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) Deputy President Edward Dagul, opined in a press statement issued Friday that the whole point of having the working technical committee is so that all can be revealed. As it turned out, what Pairin had disclosed in yesterday`s statement defeated the very purpose of the original objective. But since Tan Sri Pairin had admitted to shoulder some of the blame for the delay of the working technical committee’s report, then he should further explain the statement that there was “something blocking” his committee’s progress in completing the report.

“Pairin’s statement suggests that there are elements interfering in his committee’s work.  Now, if this is true, then he should report this matter to the relevant authorities, including the main committee.

“But why did Tan Sri Pairin wait until the so called expiry of the deadline to explain this “interference”?  ,

Dagul said timing is all too important and in this case, if Pairin had disclosed this matter before the end of the year, Sabahan would have probably side by side taken arms with him to fight the “block”.  As it is, the disclosure was done after the deadline, which leads the people of Sabah to wonder if the blame game is at work and if the hunting season for “scapegoats” is open.

He further remarked that on a more serious note is the statement by Tan Sri Pairin that there are locals harbouring  these illegals  “to  use these people for their own benefits”.

“Is he referring to phantom voters and how certain politicians benefit by involving them during the election?  Is he admitting the existence of this dubious voters and that the electoral roll is tainted because of these phantom voters?

“Was the report by the working technical committee “blocked” by these illegal - harbouring locals?

Dagul concluded that  these questions and more  needs to be answered by the Deputy Chief Minister before the public are satisfied and appeased that the problem are indeed real and  valid.  Without satisfactory answer, the public cannot be blamed for assuming that the excuses Pairin gave were nothing more than another delaying tactic to cover for his committee’s shortcoming.

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