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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Fake police outriders pulled over by officers in Jalan Bukit Bintang

KUALA LUMPUR - A char koay teow seller and a security guard who impersonated traffic policemen providing outrider services to VIPs and wealthy businessmen were nabbed while escorting three luxury cars here yesterday, a local English-language daily reported.

The pair, both 38, clad in yellow and blue jackets that resembled those of traffic officers, had motorists fooled with their high-powered motorcycles, blazing sirens and outrider outfits while escorting a convoy of luxury cars cut through heavy traffic.

Yesterday, the antics of these bogus police outriders had their cover blown after the real police officers became suspicious upon noticing missing emblems on the duo's reflective jackets.

It was reported that as policemen pulled the bogus outriders over, the three luxury cars consisting of a Chrysler, an Audi and a Mercedes Benz sped off and disappeared into traffic.

The police later recovered walkie-talkie sets and even the official luminous yellow police jacket, among the motorcycle compartments.

“The motorcycles which resembled the ones police used were bought for RM9,000 each from another person who had obtained them during a police auction.

“The sirens and lights were the exact match of a serving police cruiser and the imposters even attached a “Terima Kasih kerana memberi laluan (Thank you for giving way)” sticker on the back mudflap of the motorcycles,” city traffic investigations and legal officer Supt S. Markandan told reporters.

He advised members of the public approached by police officers that they should demand for the officer's police card to verify their identity.

The suspects are currently being interrogated under Section 170 of the Penal Code for impersonating police officers. According to sources, the duo had been providing official-esque outrider services for foreign VIPs, namely from Zimbabwe and China.

Earlier last year, there were rumours of private companies offering airport and city transfers complete with police motorcycle escorts in Jakarta and Sao Paolo, two notoriously traffic-choked cities.

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