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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Police release names of seven killed in Jakarta attacks

Police today confirmed that one of the five suspected terrorists killed in bomb and gun attacks at Jalan MH Thamrin on Thursday was among those imprisoned for terrorist activities.

Afif also known as Sunakin, in his 30s, had been in prison for engaging in terrorist training in Aceh in 2010.

Metro Jaya district police public relations officer, M Iqbal told reporters today that apart from Afif, four more suspected terrorists were confirmed killed namely Sugito, 43, Dian Joni Krniadi, 26, Muhamad Ali, 40, and Ahmad Muhazan Saron, 25.

Their identities were verified through DNA tests after the post-mortems were completed at Sukanto Hospital in Jakarta yesterday.

Iqbal said Afif's and Mohamad Ali's bodies were found in the Starbucks Café while the rest were found in the car park area at the scene of the incident in Cakrawala Mall, and the nearby police booth at the junction of Jalan Thamrin.

The two civilians killed were a Canadian man, Amer Quali Tahar, 60, and a local known as Rico, 26.

Tahar was believed to have been shot by one of the terrorists at the car park area in front of the Starbucks Cafe whereas Rico's body was found near the police booth.

Seven people died in the attacks on Thursday morning, including five suspected terrorists, while more than 30 people, including five policemen were badly injured.

Yesterday, Indonesian police chief Badrodin Haiti said investigations found the terrorists were funded by a terrorist network in Syria.

He said the money was sent through followers of the man suspected to have masterminded the bomb attack, Muhammad Bahrun Naim.

Meanwhile, Bernama's observation found a crowd continuing to gather at the thoroughfare and participating in a rally called 'We Are Not Afraid' proving that the people of Indonesia are united against terrorism.

One of the participants, Yenny Wahid from the Wahid Institute, said the purpose of the gathering was to show that people are in solidarity with the authorities to oppose terrorism and keeping the country safe.

"People should not be afraid of these terror groups, instead we must strive to combat any terrorist activities by cooperating with the police," said Yenny (a politician, and daughter of late former president Abdurrahman Wahid, also known as Gus Dur).

- Bernama

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