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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Pupil forced to study Arabic transfers to another school

KUALA LUMPUR - The parents of a pupil at the school that allegedly forced students to study Arabic language had transferred their child to another school.

According to The Star Online, the father of the SK St Teresa Brickfields student made the decision after his daughter had to take up the subject for assessment purposes even though she did not study it during her first three years in school.

He reportedly said his daughter had been given zero per cent mark for her Bahasa Arab subject in her report card for three years and he had been fine with it until this year when she was forced to attend class for assessment reasons. In previous years his daughter would be away in the library reading books during the Arabic classes.

The father questioned why they had no problem for three years and when the headmaster was informed of his intention to transfer his daughter to another school, he was advised to keep her there and continue with the Arabic language subject.

The school reportedly only offers Arabic as an elective language due to a low total enrolment of only 54 students.

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