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Monday, January 25, 2016

Religion a time bomb when abused for politics, says Perak Sultan

Religion can become a "time bomb” that could spread chaos in society when it is abused for political purposes, Perak Sultan Nazrin Shah warned today.

National news agency Bernama reported the Perak ruler as saying that some quarters were infusing religion with their own values, prejudices and personal agenda in order to champion their own needs.

"When religion is used for reasons other than to spread spirituality, what more when it is sensationalised politically, it becomes an explosive time bomb that could cause chaos and disaster," he was quoted as saying in his speech at the Pusat Konvensyen Amanjaya in Ipoh, Perak.

He added that Muslims should not be judging each other's level of faith, as the authority to do so lay solely with Allah.

He said the duty of Muslims was to urge their fellow men to do good and avoid what was wrong.

Sultan Nazrin also urged religious scholars tasked with managing Islamic affairs to carry out their duties wisely and fairly, and to respect the feelings of others.

"Justice must be carried out, and the dignity of others must be respected," he was quoted as saying."

He added that the rulers in Malaysia had accepted the fact that Malaysia was multi-religious, and there was no record of any ruler ever having forced non-Muslims to embrace Islam.

He said that religion, in its proper form, could spread justice and create a united, strong and spiritual society.

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