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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

SAPP: Dissolve the RCI Technical Working Committee

Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) has asked Tan Sri Pairin to dissolve the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) Technical Working Committee on illegal immigrants in Sabah.

The call was made after the Deputy Chief Minister and Chairman of the RCI Technical Working Committee, Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan, vowed, yet again to the media yesterday that the report of the committee will be ready by this year.

"It is hard for the people of Sabah to accept that the report takes more than a year to complete”, said Edward Dagul, SAPP`s Deputy President.

“This is not a new issue. These illegal immigrant problems and other associated issues have been there for decades. Tan Sri Pairin, being a former Chief Minister, should have all these facts and figures at his fingertips or at least within his committee members reach” added Edward.

The Working Technical Committee was set up to compile feedbacks and to provide recommendations on how to resolve this illegal immigrant problem. This report would then be forwarded to the main committee.  Tan Sri Pairin had earlier said that the report would be ready for submission in July 2015, which did not happen.  He later reportedly said that it would be ready in December 2015, which again turned out to be another empty promise!

"This is arguably the top issue Sabahans wants to resolve and yet there seems to be a lack of urgency in resolving this PTI problem.  It is with this sense of urgency that the leaders of the United Sabah Alliance (USA) or Gabungan Sabah met and presented views and recommendations to Tan Sri Pairin and his committee as early as April 2015.” , Edward remarked.

Edward is despaired at the thought that maybe the RCI Technical Working Committee, under the chair of Tan Sri Pairin, lacks the resolve to seek closure on this issue.  Playing the delaying tactic is not protecting the sovereignty of the nation and definitely not for the interest of Sabah.  If that is the case, stop fooling us Sabahans and dissolve the technical committee.

The Federal Government is duty bound to resolve this perennial problem plaguing Malaysians in Sabah which also now adversely affects the sovereignty of Malaysia as a nation.  Rather than waiting and waiting for Tan Sri Pairin, Sabahans deserve to have an answer from the Prime Minister.

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