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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Sarawak party slams DAP for reneging promise and a party that "cannot be trusted"

Talks between the small Sarawak Workers' Party (SWP) and DAP for an electoral “cooperation” in the coming state election have collapsed.

Its president Larry Sng, in announcing the breakdown today, slammed DAP as a party that “cannot be trusted” after it went back on its promise not to claim nor field candidates in the two seats SWP wanted: the rural Dayak-majority seats of Pelagus and Bukit Goram.

Sng said the party “will now go our own way in this election”.

The pre-talk agreement over the two seats was the basis of the negotiation that started late last year.

DAP, however, shattered it when it announced on Christmas Day the list of seats it planned to contest in the state election, which might be called in March.

In Pelagus, DAP named Frankie Bedindang Manjah as its candidate while Larry Asap is its man for the newly created seat of Bukit Goram.

In a statement through Whatsapp, Sng said the list overlapped “the seats which we agreed to allocated to us”.

“Hence, what we have built all these months and years towards a sincere and long lasting co-operation is a farce.

“DAP was just wasting our time.

“We will not allow them to play us out again.

“Let the voters decide who they want in this coming election," he said, adding that SWP "will put up a good fight”.

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