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Monday, January 18, 2016

Someone doing the ‘thinking’ for Najib?

The Umno men know the country is in a mess because of Najib but no one is questioning anything

KUALA LUMPUR - According to former Finance Minister Daim Zainuddin, there are growing suspicions, said Raub MP Mohd Ariff Sabri Abdul Aziz in his latest blog posting, that someone must be doing the thinking for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

“Najib can’t do complex thinking. To me (Ariff), that’s an admission that Najib does not do serious thinking.

“The most recent [example of this] was the introduction of a National Security Council (NSC) Act… that actually transfers the power of declaring emergency from the Agong to the Prime Minister.”

It’s out of Najib’s character, added Ariff. “Somebody else must be doing the thinking for Najib.

“Najib is too soft to carry out the chop-chop job. He came as Prime Minister promising to retire some characters from the Cabinet. He hasn’t done what he said he wanted to do. Judging from that, there was no way Najib thought about the NSC Act.”

Najib has successfully pushed through the Act simply because his government has the numbers, continued Ariff. “He has 134 MPs against 88 of the Opposition.

Najib forgets that his government only got 47 per cent of the popular votes, reminded Ariff. “He is accountable to the people.”

“As long as the people can be hoodwinked into thinking that Najib acts in the best interest of the country, he is safe. But that kind of thinking is quickly dissipating.”

The MP, in a little digression, said it’s rumoured that there will be a Cabinet reshuffle soon. “It will involve Ahmad Zahid Hamidi because he’s seen as becoming more powerful.

“Suddenly, Najib has realised that Zahid was more dangerous than contented-looking Muhyiddin.”

Ariff disclosed that he had a meeting recently with Daim who asked him what was delaying Mr X from doing what is the most important agenda now: getting rid of Najib. It’s important to dismiss Najib, agreed the MP, because he has induced a climate of complicit silence.

“The Umno men know the country is in a mess because of Najib, but no one is questioning anything. The entire Cabinet must be replaced because of complicity.”

Besides that, asked the MP, has Najib managed the Malay economy well?

The record in Malaysia has been dismal, claims Ariff. “A large proportion of beneficiaries from the New Economic Policy (NEP) did not reinvest or create jobs and business opportunities.

“They sold the equities they got on the cheap. They cashed out to enjoy the benefits of being rich.”

Hence, out of the RM54 billion worth of equities, alleged Ariff, RM52 billion were sold. “Those rich people upstairs did not help the people downstairs.”

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