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Friday, February 19, 2016

Bangladeshis admit to receiving M’sian ICs, marrying locals

NGO alleges Bangladeshi workers admitted receiving so many benefits from the Malaysian government that they no longer wish to return to their homeland.

KUALA LUMPUR - A group of Bangladeshi workers have admitted they were given identification cards (IC) by the Malaysian government and liked marrying local Malay women so they could enjoy other benefits as well.

They made this confession when asked by representatives of the Small and Medium Entrepreneurs Organisation of Malaysia (Ikhlas) in front of the Bangladesh High Commission here earlier today.

Clutching the Malaysian flags given to them, the Bangladeshis also admitted they enjoyed so many benefits that they no longer wished to return to their homeland.

“Many received ICs, right?” asked the president of Ikhlas, Mohd Ridzuan Abdullah, of the group.
“Yes,” the group answered.

Question: Married Malay women, right?
Answer: Right.

Question: Issued an IC after marrying Malays, right?
Answer: Right.

Question: Married Malays with the intention of starting a business, right?
Answer: Right.

At a press conference held right after, Ridzuan said the confession of the Bangladeshis was proof they enjoyed even more benefits than locals did.

“The Bangladeshis admitted they love it here. They admitted enjoying every benefit I questioned them about just now.

“I do believe even the locals do not enjoy the benefits that they (Bangladeshis) get.”
Ridzuan also said that many foreign workers in the country did not agree to a further 1.5 million Bangladeshi workers coming into the country.

By Faiz Zainudin

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