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Thursday, February 4, 2016

‘Clown-faced Najib’ goes international

Caricatures featuring Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak in clown face are making international news, as more digital artists share their versions online.

The works are now featured on the UK’s BBC channel, through its ‘BBC Trending’ section, which reports on trending topics on the Internet, worldwide.

Digital artists started posting the caricatures online in solidarity with artist Fahmi Reza, who was told he was under police watch for uploading a poster of Najib in clown face for an anti-Sedition Act campaign.

“This is what happens when you mess with a graphic designer and an angry punk rocker!” Fahmi said, when sharing the BBC article on his Facebook page.

Artists have also produced solidarity posters for Fahmi, although the artist is first to point out that he is not under arrest.

“Usually people start passing solidarity messages when someone is arrested. I think I’m the only person who receives them before I get nabbed.

“And I’m not even a politician, just a graphic designer,” Fahmi said.

“I hope this culture will continue, not just for me, but for anyone who is oppressed by the authorities,” he said.

Fahmi is not the only person who received the Twitter warning from the special unit of the police force, the The Police Cyber Investigation Response Centre (PCIRC).

Others warned through the account @OfficialPcirc include those who made unflattering remarks against the prime minister and attorney-general and those who made racist remarks online.

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