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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hard times force family of five to live in car

The couple and their kids, including an 11 month-old baby, have been calling a car home for the past one month after they were unable to pay rent for the house they lived in.

PETALING JAYA: Cramming five people into a car can get uncomfortable at times.

However one family in Kulim, Kedah, has been left with no other choice but to make their car their home for the past one month after finding themselves unable to settle their house rental, Guang Ming Daily reported today.

Khor Sze Yuan, 38, his wife and their three children aged between 11 months and five years, have been spotted setting-up home inside their car parked at a petrol station, said the report.

According to Khor, he worked as a janitor, drawing RM900 monthly, before he was forced to quit his job to look after his children.

This was when the babysitter increased her fees from RM550 to RM850.

The family was also forced to move out of Khor’s father-in-law’s house as he could not afford to pay the rent.

According to the report, the family is now dependent solely on his wife’s pay packet for survival. His wife is also a janitor.

Meanwhile the family gets by with occasional help from good samaritans who donate food and money.

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