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Monday, April 18, 2016

Damansara Perdana condo neighbours horrified by bomb makers next door

PETALING JAYA - Residents of Metropolitan Square in Damansara Perdana are traumatised by the fact that they were neighbours to a gang making explosives and trafficking in drugs.

A Singaporean who only wanted to be known as Sundra, 38, was horrified by news that police had found homemade explosives at the condominium unit next to his on the 17th floor.

He said no one had alerted him to the fact that police were evacuating the block and he only got to know about it after opening his front door on hearing a commotion.

“It is very strange that we only came to know about the incident at the very last minute,’ he said.

The country manager of a multi-national company in Malaysia who has been staying with his girlfriend at the rented unit for the last six months,  said he had heard sirens blaring earlier but thought it was from outside the condominium area.

“After some time, I heard a commotion outside my door and opened it to find the police bomb squad right outside,’ he said.

Sundra said he asked the management about why they had not used the PA system to alert residents, but they said it was out of order.

“They said they could not inform any one of us to evacuate because of that,” he said.

Mohd Hazrin Ismail, 38, whose family stays with his mother-in law on the 16th floor, said he heard sirens about 8.30am and saw police and fire and rescue department personnel in the compound,” he said.

He said he was told that residents had to evacuate the block.

“I quickly ran to the unit where my wife and two-year-old son were sleeping and rushed them down,’ he said.

Another resident, who only wanted to be known as Ong, 32, who lives on the 10th floor was alerted by a friend in a nearby condominium.

“My friend stumbled upon the news on social media and alerted me,’ he said.

He said he was afraid but calmed down when he saw policemen managing the situation.

“I knew the police will do the necessary to keep us safe," he added.

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