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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Jeffrey: How come Sulu commanders not arrested?

KOTA KINABALU - Bingkor Assemblyman and Sabah Star Chairman Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan believes Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi was lying when he said that the Sulu Sultanate had placed commanders in each of the State's 60 constituencies.

He felt Zahid's allegation was the fruit of his imagination, designed in the interest of certain parties "for the sake of the Malayan political agenda."

"On the other hand, if the news is true, then he is guilty because as the Home Minister, he had failed to handle and arrest these Sulu commanders.

"Because there had been no arrest, it is highly likely that his statement was mere fabrication which directly threatened public order while at the same time, negatively affected Sabah's economy, especially our tourism industry," he said in his debate on the motion of thanks to the Head of State's address.

Jeffrey (right) said the time has come for the Malaysian Government to take stern action against cross-border criminals as had been done by the Indonesian Government who decided that its army and navy will go on full war with the bandits.

"In order to solve the perennial problem of security and public order in the State and its waters, we need to study more closely the root cause for all our troubles. Otherwise, we would never be able to prevent crimes before they happened.

"All we do is patch things up here and there after each incident happened and make pointless promises that Sabah is safe when in reality it is not."

Jeffrey said the root causes are both internal and external, namely indiscriminate granting of ICs and MyKads to foreigners, including from Indonesia, Pakistan and India as well as the continuous claim over Sabah by the defunct Sulu Sultanate's claimants.

"Previously, these people were given instant citizenship in order to re-engineer the political demographic of the State.

But now, this political tool had become a security monster. Unless it is stopped, this monster will one day destroy Malaysia and form their own new country together with either the Philippines or Indonesia," he warned.

Jeffrey reiterated his six solutions to the problems which he had constantly proposed, one of which is the establishment of Sabah Homeland Security Ministry, complete with its own immigration unit, registration department and security department to complement the Federal security agencies.

Other than that, he said, the State Government must come up with its own Sabah IC and expand the role of Sabah's immigration department to control the entry points in its borders especially in the east coast and Labuan.

"We also need to establish our own internal public security forces such as Sabah Rangers, Sabah Border Guards, Sabah Coast Guards and other units.

"I also agree with the prosper-thy-neighbour policies by helping develop the socio-economy of areas bordering Sabah so that their people will stay in their homes instead of migrating to Sabah.

"Finally, the Sulu claim must be resolved, starting with the immediate stoppage of the annual payment to the claimants," he said.

The suspension of barter trade between Sabah and Indonesia and the Philippines, he said, was seen as a knee-jerk decision, made without studying its implications to the State.

"Would it backfire? We can see the effects already as reported in the newspapers. The suspension had affected the economy in the Southern Philippines and if allowed to prolong, it will cause economic refugees to flee to Sabah.

"When that happens, Sabah will be flooded by these refugees who come here because the economy in their homes is crippled," he said. - DE

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