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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Nasi Lemak served with lizard in AirAsia In-flight meal

After the 'dead rat found in chili sauce' incident, another disgusting episode has come to light but this time, it involves a dead house lizard in an in-flight meal.

According to a local news portal, Waseem Abbas, a Pakistan national, allegedly found a house lizard in the nasi lemak he was enjoying during his flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kuching on March 27.

"I found a house lizard in the nasi lemak while I was eating. I informed a flight attendant and he offered to exchange my meal to another one but I refused.

"After we landed at Kuching International Airport, I immediately went to the police station to make a report," Waseem said in the police report that he made.

He also said that the report was a precautionary measure to protect himself.

Since the report implicated AirAsia, the low-cost carrier have since responded in a statement stating that they are aware of the complaint and are looking into the incident.

"We regret the guest did not hand over the item immediately which would have enabled us to quickly establish the cause or the source of the alleged contamination.

"We nevertheless are treating the matter seriously and have started an investigation into this complaint to ascertain the facts and to rule out any foul play," AirAsia said in the statement.


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