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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Nominations to be over in an hour tomorrow

Election officials to register candidates from 9am-10am, announcement to be made immediately.

KUCHING - The nomination process for the Sarawak state general election is expected to be completed within an hour because there is no longer an objection period, the Election Commission has said.

EC chairman Mohd Hashim Abdullah said nomination centres throughout the state would process the nomination forms between 9am and 10am tomorrow, which is nomination day. Once the registration was finalised, an announcement would be made immediately.

Only three people – the candidate, proposer and seconder – would be allowed into the nomination centre while supporters would be required to remain at least 50m away from the nomination centre.

Mohd Hashim said 971 sets of nomination forms had been sold throughout the state, by 5pm on Friday: 443 at the EC office in Kuching, and 178 in Sibu, 172 Miri, 124 Kuching and 54 Sri Aman zones.

Media passes have been issued to 1,146 local journalists. No media passes were issued for foreign media, he told reporters.

The election campaign period would begin after nominations are closed on Monday and end at the stroke of midnight on May 6.

Mohd Hashim said an enforcement team had been formed to monitor activities during the campaign period.

The Sarawak legislative assembly was dissolved on April 11, paving the way for the 11th state elections. Voting takes place on May 7 for 82 seats in the enlarged assembly, with 11 seats introduced after constituency redelineations.

Indelible ink would be used for registering voter attendance. The ink was introduced for the 2013 national general election to prevent electoral fraud.

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