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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A mysterious Wi-Fi hotspot name sends panicking passengers to abort flight and grounded plane

What's in a wi-fi hotspot name? They can make you laugh out loud or think, "why didn't I think of that?" but a joker appears to have gone too far this time.

The mysterious wi-fi hotspot name, ‘Mobile Detonation Device’ actually triggered a bomb scare and stopped airline traffic causing passengers to cancel their flights.

A Qantas flight from Melbourne to Perth was delayed from taking off over the weekend thanks to an unidentified joker who had decided to label their Wi-Fi hotspot ‘Mobile Detonation Device’, Mashable reports.

A passenger had spotted the name when logging into the in-flight entertainment hub and was so spooked that the pilot was alerted.

An announcement was even made over the PA system but when no one came forward to claim the suspicious sounding name, the flight was delayed for 3 hours as a search was conducted to track down the offending wi-fi hotspot.

‘The pilot said a particular passenger had gone to log on and a hotspot name has come up with one which was a scare to Qantas and passengers.

‘After half an hour no one came forward, the Wi-Fi covered a fair distance so could’ve been someone in the terminal," passenger John Vidler had told reporters after the flight, Mashable reports.

Although the search yielded no bomb threat nor owner of the unfortunate wi-fi label, 40 people felt sufficiently threatened that they decided to get off the plane and the plane waited for their luggage to be taken off.

Wi-fi names have often been a way for people to express their individuality with funny and clever puns.

Last month, an entertainment and lifestyle portal had compiled the 'World's Funniest WiFi Names' with ingenious concoctions like The Silence of the LANs, FBI surveillance van, Martin Router King, Dark Knight and Hack me being all time popular, reports.

Others which made the list include:
Pretty fly for a WiFi
It hurts when IP
To use, bring booze
Drop it like it's hotspot
Pump it. ROUTER!
I hate my neighbor

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