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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

'Shameful' Malaysian fishermen allegedly ignored cries for help from four

Malaysian fishermen had come across four people stranded at sea after their boat capsized near Kudat, Sabah, but were allegedly too “selfish” to stop and help them despite their cries to be saved.

Hong Kong’s Apple Daily quoted the wife of China national Tommy Lam Wai Yin as making the allegation and explaining that Malaysian fishermen did indeed spot the desperate four adrift at sea but did not bother to help the victims.

Lam’s wife also said she was willing to offer a reward to the Vietnamese fishermen who did rescue her husband and three others.

According to her, the four were given food and drinks, including bird’s nest (soup), by the fishermen, after they were rescued.

Lam, who owns a resort in Sabah, and his staff – Armella Ali Hassan, together with Spanish couple David Hernandez Gasulla and Martha Miguel, were reported missing after leaving for Kudat from Pulau Balambangan on May 2.

It was later learnt that their boat had capsized in bad weather and the four spent nine days adrift on the overturned boat before they were eventually found and rescued by a group of kindhearted Vietnamese fishermen.

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