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Thursday, June 30, 2016

100 Umno Kinabatangan members quit

SANDAKAN - More than 100 Umno Kinabatangan members have announced quitting from Umno following the suspension of Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal as Umno vice-president.

The mass resignation followed the announcement of a similar move by 300 branch chiefs in Semporna on Monday.

Speaking for the Kinabatangan members, Mahmod Hasan @ Tasan said they were quitting because they were not satisfied with the Umno Supreme Council’s decision to suspend Shafie as he had done nothing wrong in Umno.

“Shafie has done nothing wrong. I speak for the rest (over 100 Umno Kinabatangan members who are quitting Umno) when I say that Shafie is the best leader in Sabah.”

Mahmod said this during a press conference held at a hotel here yesterday, with the over 100 Umno Kinabatangan members from 15 Umno branches after they have signed a letter to declare that they were leaving Umno.

The Umno Pulau Bai treasurer added: “Shafie is not aware that we are doing this. We are not paid to do this. We support him because he is the best leader in Sabah.

“We are doing this to show support for our leader, Shafie. After Shafie comes back from Umrah next week, there will be more to follow our steps.

“From what I understand, there will be over 100 more Umno Kinabatangan and Umno Batu Sapi members who will quit Umno in support of Shafie,” he said.

Mahmod said the group understood the consequences of their action and were willing to sacrifice for their leader.

He also said he would follow Shafie even if he joined other political party.

When asked if Shafie was to remain in Umno, Mahmod said they were ready to face the possibility that they would not be re-accepted into Umno.

Shafie had said that he would issue a statement on his suspension after his return from Mecca.

On Monday, Semporna Umno vice chief Datuk Jaujan Sambakong announced his resignation from Umno together with leaders of the two wings and 300 branch chiefs.

Acting divisional chief Datuk Nasir Tun Sakaran on Tuesday said that Semporna Umno was still intact and strong and not affected by the resignations.

He said 12 of the division’s 20 elected committee members had not resigned.

Bugaya assemblyman Datuk Ramlee Marhaban also said that the Semporna Umno division was still intact and strong.

He said that there were still many leaders in Semporna who were capable of taking care and managing the division.

Semporna Umno Puteri chief Zakiah Kalipunya later denied that she had resigned from the party and pledged the movement’s loyalty to the party.

Semporna is made up of three state seats – Senallang, Sulabayan and Bugaya.

The Umno division has 481 branch chiefs.

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