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Monday, June 13, 2016

In search of MH370: Who is Blaine Gibson?

In MH370 latest news, pieces of debris have been found by Blaine Gibson in the Nosy Boraha island in Madagascar. This latest find marks the sixth find in the two year search for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, which still remains one of the greatest mysteries in civil aviation.

The flight was headed to Beijing from Malaysia when it mysteriously disappeared. In the ongoing search for survivors only debris has been found. The real story behind the plane is yet to be revealed and only speculations and allegations have arose in the search. One of the people that has been dedicated in looking for answers is Blaine Gibson.

“And it hadn’t just crashed into the South China Sea, it went across the Malay Peninsula to somewhere in the Indian Ocean. It was a complete mystery,” said Blaine Gibson in report by the BBC.

Gibson was instantly hooked on to the mystery of the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, but more importantly he was “touched by the plight of the families.” This is why he decided to look for the plane himself.

Blaine Gibson is a lawyer from Seattle and he has been self-funding his journey to find the missing plane. He told CNN that, “I’ve been very involved in the search for Malaysia 370, just out of personal interest and in a private group — not in a for-profit way or journalistic way,”

As the search for the missing flight moves on, many have have lost hope and it is said that if the search does not give them any “credible” leads they might have to end it. There have been specialised ships and sonar arrays that have been used to scour the areas where the plane could’ve downed, but to this day there has been little news.

Everyone is still sincerely wishing that the MH370 latest news that comes in is hopeful, but for the families that the victims survived, closure and justice is still something that they ask for.

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