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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Cops to arrest Namewee over his latest music video

Police will arrest controversial rapper Wee Meng Chee, or better known as Namewee, immediately upon his return to Malaysia.

Penang Northeast District police chief Mior Farid Alatrash Wahid reportedly said that Namewee, who is believed to be overseas, would be arrested to facilitate investigations into his latest music video, which allegedly insults Islam as well as other faiths.

“Records that we obtained show that he is still overseas now.

“But we will arrest him as soon as he returns to Malaysia to facilitate investigations into a video clip which was said to have gone viral on Facebook and WhatsApp last week,” Mior Farid is quoted as saying in Utusan Malaysia today.

The police had opened an investigation paper on Namewee's music video titled 'Oh My God', following reports lodged by 20 NGOs, claiming that the Johor-born rapper had insulted Islam.

Mior Farid said four other reports had also been lodged against Namewee at the Jalan Patani police station since July 27.

The first report, he said, was received from the chairperson of the floating mosque in Tanjung Bungah – based on suspicions that some scenes from the video were shot within the mosque’s compound.

“Following that, we received three other police reports on the same matter,” he added.

The case is reportedly being investigated under Section 295 of the Penal Code for defiling a place of worship with the intent of insulting a religion.

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