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Monday, September 26, 2016

Feds proven unable to protect Sabah - Dr. Jeffrey

KOTA KINABALU - “The federal security enforcement, immigration and national registration agencies can no longer be allowed to operate on the same basis as before in Sabah as they have failed to carry out their duties to protect and safeguard Sabah” said Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, Parti Solidariti Tanah Airku (STAR) Sabah Chief cum Bingkor State Assemblyman.

Dr. Jeffrey was responding on the video showing an expose by the Indonesian news media of the corruption and easy illegal entry into Sabah by Indonesians with hundreds reportedly arriving everyday practically next door to the security enforcement agencies in Tawau, Sabah.

The problems are much bigger than just the corruption and lack of integrity of the enforcement officers both on the patrol boat clearly marked “POLIS” and the others on-shore in Tawau.

Loose border controls and bribery by illegal immigrants and corruption practized by the enforcement officers are only the tip of the security and illegal immigrants problems in Sabah.

The issue is not just enforcement officers without any sense of patriotism and selling out the security of Sabah and the sovereignty of Malaysia or the lack of any sense of responsibility or absence of control and monitoring by enforcement agencies.

The corruption of the top government leaders and failing to set and show good examples of themselves has led to widespread and rampant corruption in the whole government machinery.   With the recent high profile corruption cases involving top civil servants in Ministries and government departments,  no one is surprised by the corruption of the lower enforcement officers?

Yet, with the video going viral online, the Federal government have done very little to solve Sabah’s decades old problems.   Merely leaving to the police to investigate is akin to ask thieves to investigate their theft.  

Many are already speculating that the end result will be a transfer of the officers from Sabah back to Malaya with no further action to be taken when heavy punishment for being disloyal traitors and corruption should be meted out.

It is very clear that while there are ample ready and workable solutions to the illegal immigrants and the consequential illegal voters problems in Sabah, there is no political will by the Federal and Sabah governments to have them implemented.

Sabahans need to wake up from their slumber and be fully aware of the consequences and do what needs to be done to save Sabah which in turn could save Malaysia.

Obviously, there is a need to change the Federal and Sabah governments and their leadership.

There also ought to be a need to revamp the security and enforcement agencies.  They seem to be pre-occupied to keep the Barisan Nasional in government to the extent of closing their eyes and fattening their pockets.

The Sabah government needs to take proactive action to safeguard and protect Sabah and Sabahans.  It is also clear that ESSCOM is not the solution as there are more cross-border kidnappings during ESSCOM’s three years than the last 20 years without ESSCOM.

A Sabah Homeland Security Ministry and Department with Sabah’s own coastal guards, revival of the Sabah Rangers and Border Scouts seems to be an alternative and more viable alternative as time passes.

An intensive campaign should also be conducted throughout Sabah and involve even the village chiefs so that Sabah rights and patriotism are instilled.   The people can then be the eyes and ears of intruders and provide the much-needed intelligence for our security forces.

And both the Federal and Sabah government leaders should act with urgency on the problems and leave no stones unturned.   However, as it is, the Federal government is dragging its feet and the Sabah government is idling waiting for action to be taken by the Federal government.   As a result, it has been proven time and again that the Federal government cannot be relied upon to protect Sabah.  

As for the people in Sabah, they should learn their past mistakes and stop keeping re-electing the same government leaders who have failed to protect them and change the government and their leaders in the next general elections.

As security was a major reason that induced Sabah to form Malaysia, the failure to safeguard Sabah will only add another reason for Sabahans and Sarawakians wanting to kick Malaya out of Malaysia and leaving Sabah and Sarawak alone in Malaysia.

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