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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

'Taliban' PAS demolished our turtle, don't let Langkawi's eagle go

Terengganu MCA today called on Kedah not to allow Langkawi's iconic eagle statue to go the way of a leatherback turtle replica in Kuala Terengganu, which was demolished when the conservative PAS government came into power.

"In 1999, when PAS took power in Terengganu, the first regressive act by the state administration under the then leadership of then PAS menteri besar Abdul Hadi Awang, was to demolish the significant replica of a leatherback turtle at a roundabout in Kuala Terengganu, saying it was akin to idol worshipping.

"As the leatherback turtle is synonymous to Terengganu, the eagle is the mascot and is distinctively associated with Langkawi.

"Any suggestion to demolish the iconic eagle structure that represents Langkawi is uncalled for and is not any different from the Taliban regime in Afghanistan that had blasted the century-old historical Bamiyan Buddha statue to ashes," Terengganu MCA chief Toh Chin Yaw said today.

He was responding to Perak deputy mufti Zamri Hashim who had advised a local council not to construct an eagle replica in the state as it was "haram" and that any such completed structure should be demolished.

This subsequently put a spotlight on Langkawi's famed Eagle statue, which prompted Kedah deputy mufti Sheikh Marwazi Dziyauddin to say that his office will consult the state fatwa council on the structure.

Toh said any "talibanisation" in the country should not be tolerated.

"Terengganu MCA dreads that if the eagle structure were to be destroyed, it will be yet another regressive move for our country and a beginning towards more adoption of conservative and hardline values" he said.

Toh urged the current BN-led Kedah government not to "ape" what he described as "PAS' regressive values and narrow mindedness".

He added: "Let Langkawi flourish and continue to be an attractive and popular tourist destination.

"Malaysia does not need PAS or the Taliban style of drawing a negative publicity in our journey and efforts towards an advanced country status."

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