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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Uber drivers nabbed for operating without 'permits'

KOTA KINABALU - Police detained two Uber drivers here yesterday for transporting passengers without a permit.

The local men, aged 25 and 37, were unemployed and had signed up as drivers with the online transportation network company.

They were seen picking up passengers near Imago mall along Jalan Coastal.

District police chief Assistant Commissioner M Chandra said the arrests were made following police observation, adding that a Proton Persona and a Perodua Myvi belonging to the drivers were temporarily retained.

He said both drivers could have committed an offence under Section 33 of the Commercial Vehicles Licencing Board Act 1987 for using a motor vehicle as public service vehicle without a license granted under this Act.

“We understand that Uber and Grab services have gained popularity among people seeking affordable transportation, but it is an offence to transport passengers without a permit from the authorities," he said, adding that the arrest involving Uber drivers was the first in the state.

“Moreover, we feel that there is the risk of crime, as Uber and Grab drivers could use fake identity to sign up with the intention to carry out crime.”

Chandra added that there are about 5,000 registered Uber and Grab drivers in the district and police will conduct continuous surveillance to prevent untoward incidents, and activities that are against the law.

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