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Monday, October 10, 2016

Public warned against opening email from Bank Negara

Bank Negara says that once recipients download the attachment, they are directed to a fake website where their personal financial information is obtained

PETALING JAYA -  Members of the public have been warned against opening any email purportedly bearing the name of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) as these are being sent by fraudsters out to fleece them of their hard-earned cash.

In a report in TheSun, these emails also contain an attachment that when downloaded, will direct the recipient to a fake website where personal financial information such as credit or debit card details will be asked of them.

Commenting on these bogus emails in a statement today, BNM reiterated that neither they nor any financial institution, credit card issuer or banking institution, would ever request for personal banking information via email, telephone or SMS.

The central bank also said that should a member of the public receive such an email, it was best to ignore it completely and to never, under any circumstances, download the attachment in the event the email was opened.

BNM advised the public to only use web browsers that were up to date with built-in phishing filters and not to trust emails, calls or SMS claiming cash wins, incoming fund transfers/payments or refunds and requests for personal banking information.

The central bank also advised the public to contact the respective banks or the Associations of Banks in Malaysia’s toll-free service ABMConnect at 1-300-88-9980 when in doubt of an email, SMS or call received.

According to BNM, fraudsters who engaged in these activities sent their victims email entitled “security verification”, purportedly from BNM, informing them of an incoming payment. The victims were then instructed to complete a security verification by downloading the attachment provided.

Once the attachment was clicked on or downloaded, a link will direct the recipient to a fake website requesting personal financial information such as credit or debit card details. - FMT

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