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Thursday, October 6, 2016

SORAK urges all Pakatan leaders to quit PKR and DAP and join local-based parties

KOTA KINABALU - SORAK or Solidarity Rakyat Sabah has welcomed the move by the 11 Sabah Pakatan Harapan Leaders to quit PKR and DAP and to continue their struggles in the local-based parties.

SORAK urges those still staying in the ship to abandon and follow the footsteps of their fellow comrades who had realized that local-based parties are more relevant to fight for Sabah rather than the national parties to look after Sabah affairs. The call also include those in UMNO Sabah.

SORAK, the organizer of "Black Sunday" gathering feels they have partly achieved in their mission with the tagline of “Halau Party Malaya” campaign which has started back before GE13.

The momentum is now has been increasingly accepted throughout Sabah which saw Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal quit UMNO and together with former PKR Vice President, Darell Leiking set up thier local based party and hoping they would join under one umbrella.

In elaborating further on the tagline, Dexter Chin as SORAK spokesperson said that Sabah has been experiencing dramatic change of culture brought by Malaya politics.

"Sabahans have been taken for a ride. We have lost our power to administer Sabah in its own style, we have lost our oil and gas, we have lost our land, we inherited bad culture i.e. religious intolerance.

"We in Sabah, has been living happily and harmoniously for many years until recent years we have experienced the escalating tension in the country  and thus affected Sabah as whole.

“While we want to be part of Malaysia, this sign is not good for Sabah. Sabah has been behind development for 53 years and we should chart our own path . Sabahans have had enough,” said Dexter.

Let’s embark on the new cause of “Sabah Way” style, called Dexter.

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