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Friday, December 30, 2016

Ex-Sabah Water Dept boss, wife to appeal against RM12m bail

Currently in detention, the former Sabah Water Department (SWD) director Ag Mohd Tahir Ag Talib and his wife Fauziah Piut will appeal against their collective RM12 million bail.

Their lawyer PJ Pareira said he will file the appeal soon at the High Court in Kota Kinabalu against the bail set by Sessions Court judge Ummu Kalthom Abdul Samad, The Star reported today.

“They are unable to raise bail. I cannot recall such a high amount being imposed before,” he was quoted saying.

Ag Mohd Tahir, 54, and Fauziah, 51, along with former SWD deputy director Lim Lam Peng were yesterday charged with 37 counts of misappropriating infrastructure funds amounting to RM61.48 million in cash and bank savings as well as unlawfully possessing luxury products.

Bail for Ag Mohd Tahir was set at RM10 million while RM2 million was set for Fauziah, both in two sureties.

The husband and wife went sent to the Kepayan Prison after failing to post their bail yesterday, The Borneo Post reported separately today.

Lim was released after paying his RM1 million bail through a bank draft, The Borneo Post added.

The 64-year-old appointed technical and engineering adviser to the state Finance Ministry after his retirement from SWD is currently suspended from his government post. - The Malay Mail

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