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Monday, January 16, 2017

Unmarried couples riding on motorcycles together will be detained by authorities, JHEAT

KUALA TERENGGANU - Unmarried couples in Kuala Terengganu were caught off guard after they were detained for riding together on the same motorcycle.

"I did not know riding motorcycles and with pillion riders who are non-mahram (a woman who is not a close relative) is an offence," revealed a majority of couples arrested at Terengganu Religious Affairs Department (JHEAT), after the 'Ops Bonceng’ was carried out, in Batu Buruk, last Thursday night.

Sinar Harian reported, the operation involving 15 JHEAT officers was carried out together with Terengganu State Road Transport Department, beginning from 9pm and ended by midnight.

Reports revealed 26 couples, or 52 individuals, were detained after they were found behaving indecently in public areas, riding together with non-mahrams.

The couples aged between 16-24 years old were given a warning and counselling at the JHEAT office before being let go.

JHEAT principal assistant commissioner Nik Zulhaiza Ismail explained, "We also previously arrested a couple in a joint operation with RTD at Jalan Air Sejuk, Setiu.”

Nik Zulhaiza further explained after the counselling session, perpetrators were required to fill up a form for JHEAT’s record.

“JHEAT will follow-up and take action in accordance to Section 34 of the Syariah Criminal Offences (Ta'zir) (Terengganu) Enactment 2001, if perpetrators are found repeating the same offence," he was reported saying.

“We observe that this has become more of a trend among women, where they are unashamed of becoming pillion riders and act inappropriately with men whom they are not married to,” he said adding that JHEAT will ensure they prevent such acts from becoming widespread over time.

“We actually have no power to arrest them while on the road, and therefore we are working with other authorties to eradicate this indecency.

“If we identify they have no family relations, and are acting indecently, we will not hesitate to call them in for counselling sessions before giving warnings, and arrest them if they repeat their actions," he added.

JHEAT assured they would work closely with RTD and the Royal Malaysian Police to identify perpetrators who commit such indecency.


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