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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Keeping a date with cops

KOTA KINABALU - Six political leaders from opposition parties were called in to have their statements recorded for various reasons at the Karamunsing police station, Wednesday.
Former Chief Minister cum Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) President Datuk Seri Yong Teck Lee said he was initially called in about the June 6 memorial service at the Double Six Monument in Sembulan last year.

"I was asked about the event, who was there, how long did it take, was there a permit … the usual stuff.

"Then I realised another officer was waiting, also to take my statement, this one was about the Black Sunday 5 held last February.

"I was asked about the gathering at Lintasan Deasoka in Gaya Street last year, about the 1.5 million foreign workers from Bangladesh, the officer also wanted to know who was the organiser, what happened, who was there … all that.

"When I put the two together, this is actually a prelude to the Black Sunday 6 which is coming next Sunday.

"Black Sunday 5 was held last February and the June 6 memorial was in June last year, why out of the blue this thing surfaced?" he asked.

"Of course to be fair to the officer who took our statements, they were under instruction to call a number of leaders from the opposition to come here today to give our statements.

"The context and the timing of the statement on both the June 6 Memorial last year and the Black Sunday 5 also last year, I would put it in the context of the Black Sunday 6 which is scheduled for this coming March 26," he said. Sabah Star President Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan who was also there said the police are just doing their job.

"They asked why we took part in the event last year, did we make any speech, I think they are just doing their job.

"For us, it is a bit of an inconvenience, it would be better to investigate all the murders, illegal immigrants rather than waste time," he said.

Four others called in were SAPP Deputy President Melanie Chia, SAPP Deputy President Edward Dagul, Sunduvan Sabah Chairman Aloysius Danim Siap and SAPP Youth Chief Jamain Sarudin.

A group of people came to show support to the leaders.

The Black Sunday 6 rally jointly organised by Solidarity Rakyat (Sorak) and Gabungan Muda Sabah (Gema Sabah) will be held on March 26 at Lintasan Deasoka, here. - Sherell Ann Jeffrey

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