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Monday, March 6, 2017

North Korean embassy cordoned off after Kang Chol left in a car

PETALING JAYA - The North Korean embassy in Jalan Batai has been cordoned off by police.

At 2.20pm on Monday, police sealed off the area with two armed officers stationed outside the gate.

With less than five hours to go before ambassador Kang Chol is required to leave the country, several pieces of luggage could be seen being loaded into a grey MPV at the embassy premises.

Several people, believed to be embassy workers, placed the luggage into a grey Toyota Alphard.

A police car and several officers on motorbikes arrived around the same time and were stationed outside the embassy.

More than four cars were seen ferrying passengers in and out of embassy grounds throughout the morning but Kang Chol was never seen.

On Saturday, Wisma Putra informed the North Korean embassy that Kang must leave Malaysia by Monday, March 6.

The move came after the ambassador was summoned by Wisma Putra at 6pm Saturday, but failed to turn up.

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