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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Police trying to trace ‘karate girl’ who says she fought off attempted rape

KOTA KINABALU - Police are trying to trace a Facebook user who claimed that she had fought off two men who tried to rape her, resulting in them ending up in a coma.

 Sabah CID chief Datuk Salehuddin Abdul Rahman said police had opened an investigation paper into the claims.

"We are investigating this matter under the Communications and Multimedia Act and other relevant laws," he said on Tuesday.

 He said police was also asking the woman, who identified herself as Alice Lien Hua, to step forward and assist them in their investigations.

In her Facebook post, the woman who was said to be a karate exponent and former state athlete, claimed that the incident had taken place in Penampang and that she had beaten up the two culprits.

She added in another Facebook post on Monday that she had not gone to the police because she was afraid of being taken to court and sentenced to death.

"Alice" also said that if forced, she would leave the country.

 Penampang police chief Deputy Supt Rosley Hobden earlier branded the news that went viral on a few blogs and online portals a few days ago as false.

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Karate girl says rape attempt was real

PETALING JAYA - Alice Lim Lien Hua, who had claimed to have landed two men who tried to rape her in a coma, has purportedly left the country for United Kingdom today.

Alice, said to be a martial arts expert who had represented Sabah, said she was disappointed by local authorities who chose to pass the buck and regarded the case as a hoax.

She admitted she might be on the wrong for not reporting to the police immediately after the incident, but stressed that she was merely waiting for her lawyers to ask her to do so.

"I almost got killed fighting the two immigrants who tried to rob and rape me, and instead the authorities regarded my case as a fake and they do not want to take responsibility.

"I don't blame the police, but please don't assume that the incident did not happen. If it had happened to you or your family members, only then you will know," she posted on her "Alice Lien Hua" Facebook page today.

The post was accompanied by a "travelling to UK" status checked-in at the Kota Kinabalu International Airport.

Alice said she was also peeved that certain bloggers had twisted her story, accusing her of running down the two individuals who tried to attack her, with her car.

The story of the woman bravely fighting off two men in Penampang went viral recently, but had since been claimed to be a fake by the police.

Penampang police chief Deputy Supt Rosley Hobden said the news that went viral was false, while Kota Kinabalu police chief ACP M. Chandra said no such report had been lodged on the incident.

Alice had, in an earlier post today, explained that she did not lodge a report as she was afraid to be brought to court and sentenced to prison.

"If forced to, I will even leave the country. It is time to move," she said.

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