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Saturday, March 25, 2017

STAR Garners Further Support in Kiulu

KIULU - Parti Solidariti Tanah Airku (STAR) garnered further strength in its Kiulu division when Upko Taginambur chief Itim Garakan joined the Party. Itim was joined by PKR former leaders in Bongol and Pekan Nabalu, Martin Ginsos and Daunis Saimi respectively, who submitted together their membership forms with their supporters to Star Kiulu Division Chief, Terence Sinti, 2 days ago.

According to them, their entry into the STAR Party was because they believe in the Party struggles under the leadership of President Datuk Dr Jeffrey, who had consistently fought for the restoration of Sabah’s autonomy and rights over the years.

According to Terence Sinti, the entry of the former leaders of BN and PKR shows that the Party in Kiulu continues to be well received and dispelled the statement by UPKO earlier that the opposition parties were weakening in Kiulu.

“The general mood in Kiulu is to reject the BN and Upko leaders who are seen to be under the control of Umno from Malaya” added Terence.

At the same time, he also noted that STAR Kiulu already started their tour in Kiulu more than 2 years ago, and has successfully increased their village branches.

Terence was also confident that with the cooperation and unity of the parties in Gabungan Sabah as wished for by the people in Sabah, the people in Kiulu will support Gabungan Sabah in PRU-14.

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