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Friday, April 28, 2017

Jimmy claims DAP Sabah chief broke ‘Shanghai’ promise

KOTA KINABALU - Former Sabah DAP chairman Jimmy Wong yesterday claimed that current chairman Stephen Wong had on three occasions promised not to challenge him for the post in the party’s election.

The Kota Kinabalu MP made the claim when asked to confirm Sabah DAP deputy chief Dr Edwin Bosi’s allegation over an agreement they had made in Shanghai, China just before the party’s ordinary convention in 2015.

“Yes, there was the ‘Shanghai Handshake’ (made) in order to stabilise the party leadership until the 14th general election (GE14).

“The 14th general election is a very crucial one, that is why all of us agreed that I should lead for another term. In fact he made the promise to me three times, once in my house and Shanghai was the second time.

“We agreed that the status quo in the state’s leadership must be maintained, otherwise it becomes unstable and if a person means his word, it is his bond, then you hold your word as your bond.

“Why he broke his bond? It is better you ask him. I don’t blame him for anything. We made the promise in Shanghai,” Jimmy said.

Dr Bosi who had revealed his intention to leave DAP if he was not fielded in the 14th general election had said he did not trust Stephen as a result of the alleged broken promise.

“My past experience with Stephen was in Shanghai just before the party ordinary convention of 29 November 2015. He assured us (Jimmy, Chan Foong Hin and Edwin) that he would not contest against Jimmy in the Ordinary Convention.

“I was taken aback when he decided to ‘back-stab’ Jimmy and all of us who witnessed the handshaking ceremony. Until today I have no idea what made Stephen decide to contest against Jimmy. It was Jimmy who hand-picked him for the MP seat in the 13th general election despite advice not to do so.

“I hope Stephen can enlighten me on this matter which has been lingering in my mind.

“I am also asking Stephen what he has against me as the DAP native chief and his resentment towards the batu sumpah (oath stone).

“Due to this episode (Shanghai) and the batu sumpah, I cannot trust Stephen when he said I was shortlisted as a candidate for GE14. It is not good enough,” Dr Bosi said in a statement.

Meanwhile on whether he would be contesting in the 14th general election, Jimmy said he was ready to defend the Kota Kinabalu parliamentary seat.

“I am ready to defend the seat as I have worked hard for the constituents.  I want to contest but whether they (DAP leadership) give me the chance or not I do not know (but)  I intend to contest,” he said. - BP

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