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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Pastor Koh's family tell of despair, seeks answers over abduction at prayer vigil in KK

KOTA KINABALU - The family of Pastor Raymond Koh are anxious and in despair that there is still no word on him.

"It has been a difficult time for us as a family. We still do not have news about what has happened to him," his wife Susanna Liew told a two-hour prayer vigil at Padang Merdeka here on Friday night.

She said the family was praying for Pastor Koh to be rescued and reunited with them.

Pastor Koh's daughter Esther said that her family was confused and shocked by the abduction of her father which happened more than a month ago.

"He was a good father to me. I remember how he cooked oats for us everyday. That was his way of showing his love for us," she said through tears to the large gathering attended by Sabah Council of Churches leaders.

Esther said that she had a lot of questions in her mind particularly as to how such an abduction could have been carried out in broad daylight in less than a minute.

She said one question she wanted answered badly is why the case has remained unresolved despite CCTV footage showing a convoy of vehicles with well trained men carrying out the kidnapping.

Koh 62, was snatched from his car by a group of men along Jalan SS4B/10 in Petaling Jaya on Feb 13. He was on his way to a friend's house then.

CCTV footage showed at least 15 men in three SUVs abducting Pastor Koh shortly after he left his house in Petaling Jaya.

Esther said she hoped people would continue praying for her father as her family has not always been strong throughout the ordeal.

"Pray for our family that we will be strong in facing the challenges and for the case to be resolved," she said. - the Star

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