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Friday, May 5, 2017

Abu Sayyaf member killed after escape attempt

The alleged member of the terrorist group is killed less than 24 hours after his arrest in Bohol
MANILA, Philippines – Less than 24 hours after he was arrested by authorities in Bohol, Abu Sayyaf member Saad Samad Kiram was gunned down early Friday, May 5, after he allegedly tried to escape, police officers said.

At around 2:30 am on May 5, Kiram supposedly tried to escape en route to a local jail in Bohol. He reportedly told government personnel that he had stomach ache, prompting them to stop the vehicle.

Kiram was able to run away, triggering an hour's-long pursuit operation, police said. He was killed at around 4:30 am after he tried to steal the gun of a cop.

This is according to a security source privy to the operation and Central Visayas Regional Police Office chief Noli TaliƱo. No other details were available as of posting.

Kiram was arrested Thursday morning, May 4, after he asked for food and clothing from a Tubigon, Bohol resident. The resident notified authorities as Kiram was inside his home.

According to a police report, recovered from Kiram's posession were a caliber .45 pistol, two magazines with 12 rounds of ammunition, a hand grenade, a cellphone, and personal belongings.

Kiram is allegedly among the Abu Sayyaf members who traveled via pump boat from Sulu in Mindanao to Inabanga in Bohol.

On April 11, police and military launched operations against the group, which had supposedly intended to kidnap tourists during the Holy Week break.

Police and military forces have been pursuing the remaining bandits in the island province. On April 22, 4 Abu Sayyaf members were killed during a military operation.

Kiram was supposedly the target of a rescue operation that led to the arrest of fellow Abu Sayyaf member Renren Dongon and his wife, Superintendent Maria Cristina Nobleza at a checkpoint.

While initially denying having anything to do with the Abu Sayyaf, Nobleza later admitted they were trying to deliver aide and eventually, rescue Kiram. Nobleza was once involved in anti-terrorism efforts by the government. Her trip to Bohol and subsequent actions with Dongon, however, were not sanctioned by the police.

In Mindanao, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) said over 23 members of the Abu Sayyaf surrendered in a span of a week amid intensified operations in Basilan and Sulu.

The military has promised to crush the Abu Sayyaf and the "ISIS-inspired" Maute Group by June 2017. –

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