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Monday, May 15, 2017

Big Foot scare has villagers hiding indoors after dark

Reports of two six-foot monkey-like creatures calling out to villagers in Bachok, Kelantan, has left them in a state of utter panic

The myth of Big Foot lives on – at least for folks in a village in Bachok, Kelantan, who fear two larger-than-life mammals are terrorising them nightly with their evil ways.

According to The Star Online that quoted an article in Sinar Harian, most of the villagers now scurry home as dark descends upon them and stay indoors all night for fear that the two Big Foot will harm them.

Some have said the creatures have been heard calling out the names of villagers, and those who unknowingly respond have battled inexplicable fevers for weeks on end.

News of the two Big Foot spread like wildfire when a villager, Zubaidah Abdullah, 50, claimed to dream frequently of two six-foot monkey-like creatures who emerged from a big tree behind her mother’s house.

“I was shocked that I could communicate with them. Sometimes I felt like they were sleeping next to me,” the news report quoted her as saying.

Zubaidah also said the only way to scare them off was by reciting religious verses. She said her siblings were also tormented by the same nightmares.

The services of a spiritual healer has now been sought to restore calm to the troubled village. - FMT

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