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Monday, May 1, 2017

MLM system for ‘selling’ citizenship, MyKads!

Former 'agent' reveals how introduction by his 'downliners' of foreigners wanting a MyKad, saw him getting a cut from the alleged 'mastermind' of syndicate

PETALING JAYA: The “sale” of counterfeit MyKad and Malaysian citizenship is run like a multi-level marketing system, The Star reported today.

This was revealed by a former “agent” in the syndicate who was said to be selling the fake MyKads and citizenship to foreigners for prices ranging from RM4,500 to RM10,000.

“The forgery system works just like an MLM. I appoint another four sub-agents or ‘downli­ners’ and I get to enjoy cash incentives of the cases referred by my team to the ‘mastermind’,” the 25-year-old man from Kulai, Johor, was quoted as saying by the daily.

The man’s identity was not revealed as a condition for the interview. He was one of the agents of a counterfeit MyKad and Malaysian citizenship scam which was allegedly run by the “mastermind”, a man who claimed to have worked for the national registration department (NRD) for 10 years.

The former agent also said the mastermind has a network of agents spanning all states.

Last Friday, it was reported that the mastermind had been offering MyKads to illegal immigrants and foreigners who overstayed.

An undercover investigation by The Star had revealed that the man had “helped” many Indonesians and Cambodians, getting them genuine MyKads and citizenship documents, while working at the NRD.

In today’s report, the daily said another former “agent” of the “mastermind” had named several fellow “agents” in a police report he filed in Kulai, Johor, on Friday after the daily exposed the syndicate’s operations.

Ibrahim Hanafia, 70, told a non-government organisation that he had helped The Star in exposing the scam, and that he was willing to work with the authorities in crippling the syndicate.

Though MyKads are issued by the NRD itself, citizenship applications require more stringent vetting by the relevant unit under the home ministry at its headquarters in Putrajaya. - FMT

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