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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Man in viral video hypnotized us, say two women

PETALING JAYA - Two women have said that one of the men in a viral video showing two men hypnotising a senior citizen was the man who once hypnotised them in Kuala Besut.

Sinar Harian reported that one of the women, 59-year-old Zaidah Dollah confirmed that one of the men who appeared in the video clip the same man that hypnotised her in June 2015.

"I still remember the face and the shape of the body of the man donning the songkok in this video. But the other man is not the same man that had hypnotised me back in 2015," said Zaidah, who added that she was shown the video by her child.

She said that in her incident, she was approached by two men who pretended to enquire about someone's house after she had finished shopping at the Kuala Besut market.

She said the men offered her a gem after she told them she did not know the person who they were asking about, adding that the men placed the stone in an envelope and gave it to her even though she adamantly rejected the gift.

"I then returned to home and was still not aware what had happened. I then realised my jewelleries were missing about 11.30am when I opened the envelope," she said.

Zaidah said that she then realized the envelope contained rocks, sand, small pieces of wood and tissues.

"After that I realised my two gold bracelets, and the two gold rings worth RM22,000 which I wore to the market were gone," she said.

She added that she was not sure when her jewelleries were taken off because her ring sits very tightly on her finger while her gold bracelet was also not easy to remove.

Aside from Zaidah, 70-year-old Bidoh Ismail  and her 56-year-old daughter Rohani Ismail also said that the man wearing the songkok looked similar to the man who hypnotised and stole her jewellery in Pekan Baru, Kuala Besut last March

"My mother went to the Pekan Tani Kuala Besut market, where she was approached by two men. One of them wore a songkok and was heavily built," she said.

Rohani said that the men offered her mother a gem which was said to contain numerous powers.

"The men inserted the gem into a grey envelope and said that the envelope should only be opened when she was at home," said Rohani.

Rohani added that after receiving the grey envelope, her mother went back to her food store at the Kuala Besut market and did not realize that her jewellery was gone.

She said that her mother happily told her that she received a gem from two men.

"I started to suspect something amiss when my mother said that. Later on, my mother realised that her bracelet, necklace, and two gold rings were missing," she said.

The two victims hoped that the police would be able to locate the men, now that their faces have been captured on video.

Meanwhile, Besut OCPD Supt Mohd Zamri Mohd Rowi said he will investigate the men in the video

Mohd Zamri also urged the public to report to the police should they see or have information of the men in the video. - Sinar Harian

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