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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Student’s phone stolen as he lay dying after being hit by van in JB

JOHOR BARU (Malaysia) — A secondary four student was killed in a traffic accident in Johor Baru on Tuesday (Jan 2), and had his phone stolen by an unknown individual as passers-by were helping him.

An eyewitness known as Harry Cyclone, who posted the incident on Facebook claimed a van had struck the 16-year-old while he was riding his motorcycle after beating a red light near Jalan Tun Abdul Razak.

“All of us were helping this boy and there come this guy in all of a sudden like checking the boy’s phone to call the parents but he took the phone and ran away.

“His head was bleeding a lot and all of us were trying to help him and there comes this guy, all of a sudden under the pretence of checking the boy’s phone to call his parents,” he said in his posting.

The post was uploaded onto the JB Tracer: Johor Baru Traffic, Crime and Community Service Report Facebook page.

Police are still investigating the case. THE MALAY MAIL ONLINE

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