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Friday, April 20, 2018

Message behind cheesecake video

KOTA KINABALU - What does cutting a cheesecake and the 14th General Election (GE14) have in common? A lot, actually.

Dexter Chin, the creator of a political satire video that went viral on the social media recently, used a cheesecake cutting act to express his thoughts on GE14.

"The cake in the video represented the resources that Sabah has but it was taken away by all these parties who tell us that they know better and so they will decide how much we will get," said the 39-year-old businessman during a press conference, here, Thursday.

Chin said, his four other friends who acted in the video and him were surprised and amazed that their four-minute video has obtained nearly half a million views since it was uploaded on April 11.

"The idea came one day, when a few of us – myself, Charles Yong, Alan Lam, Justin Yee and Aloysius Lee, were having breakfast and talked about the current local political situation with GE14 just a few weeks.

"To us, unlike in the peninsula, Sabah has other choices apart from Barisan Nasional (BN) and Pakatan Rakyat."

The video started with Sa Bah, a character played by Chin brought out a freshly-baked cheesecake before Quo Zhen (Yee) clad in a blue T-shirt, approached him and offered his help to cut the cake on a condition that the cake to be brought to 'Malaya'.

In the next scene, Sa Bah's cake cutting was interrupted by Xi Len (Lee) who wore an orange-coloured polo T-shirt.

Just like Quo Zhen, Xi Lian offered his help to cut the cake by bringing it to Malaya and tried to convince Sa Bah by saying that they now have Guo Zhen's 'old horse' on their side.

Sa Bah was then visited by Wah Li San (Lam) in the following scene where he too offered his help to cut Sa Bah's cake.

Wa Li San explained that he is so great that even Xi Len listened to him.

When Sa Bah showed his reluctance to accept Wa Li San's help, he then squeezed the rectangular cake on all four corners with his bare hands and took a big bite of it.

The video ended with Fei Li Ping, played by Yong sitting next to Sa Bah, who was still in shock after Wa Li San destroyed the cake, before introducing himself.

The video, Chin said, was shot using a mobile phone at a friend's house and took them about half a day to complete it.

He added the fact that the video went viral over social media showed that there are many people who share similar views with them.

"We just wanted to share our thoughts with others, especially local youths who will be casting their votes.

"We are not affiliated to any political party, and even in the video, we did not mention any name," he said.

He also hoped Sabahans will think carefully before they vote.

"They should choose those who truly have Sabah's interests in their heart," he said.

By Ricardo Unto

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