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Monday, July 30, 2018

Video of ungrateful fire victims throwing away donated clothes raises ire of netizens

KOTA KINABALU - A video clip showing a group of rowdy people, believed to fire victims from Likas, throwing away donated clothes is causing ire among netizens.

The clip also shows a RELA official trying to control the crowd.

The clip went has been spreading virally on various social media platforms.

Netizens are calling their actions "ungrateful" and "a waste of donors' and good Samaritans' efforts", who came out in force to aid the victims.

The fire victims from a squatter area in Kg Cenderamata in Likas near here lost their homes on July 24 in a blaze and were placed in a nearby multipurpose hall.

On Sunday, a group of villagers from Kg Darau staged a protest to object a proposal to temporarily house the fire victims near their village.

The villagers said the area proposed belongs to Kg Darau and access to outsiders should not be given without consulting them.

Sepanggar MP Datuk Asiz Jamman, who made the proposal, said no decision had been made on the matter yet and urged Kg Darau villagers not to worry.

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