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Friday, November 9, 2018

Election committee from Malaya to take charge of Sabah PKR re-elections

KOTA KINABALU - The re-elections in three PKR divisions in Sabah this weekend will be handled by the central election committee (JPP) and not the state team.

Expressing dissatisfaction over the JPP taking charge of PKR polls in Sabah, the state’s election director Rosli Masaliku said there was an agreement that his team would take the lead in conducting the party polls in the state.

Speaking to FMT, Rosli said he understood that JPP members would need to be in Sabah for the elections but the process should be led by the state team.
Sabah PKR election director Rosli Masaliku.

“When our numbers are more that means we take the lead. That was the idea initially but I’m not sure why this has changed.

“In fact, I was also made to understand that the re-elections in Tawau, Pensiangan and Keningau this weekend will involve all JPP members and none from Sabah.

“Let’s see what happens this Saturday,” he said.

During the Sabah party polls last weekend, Rosli had voiced his grouses that election committee members from Peninsular Malaysia had sidelined the state team.

However, JPP chairman Rashid Din dismissed claims of interference, saying the central committee were actually the ones who are supposed to carry out the election and not the Sabah team.

“Their role is to help coordinate additional manpower and logistics. It’s the same with all the other states,” Rashid added.

Rosli claimed the state election committees in the respective PKR divisions had complained and protested about the takeover by the JPP.

Nonetheless, he said, the Sabah team was making sure everything was ready ahead of the re-elections in Tawau, Pensiangan and Keningau.

He said the earlier polls in Keningau had to be cancelled because of an incident involving candidate for the deputy president’s post, Rafizi Ramli, and party members while the Tawau and Pensiangan polls had to be carried out again because of technical issues.

The Keningau and Tawau re-elections will be held on Saturday while Pensiangan will vote the following day.

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