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Monday, May 13, 2019

Yong: Now, fulfill the election promises

KOTA KINABALU - DAP should nominate its newly-elected MP for Sandakan, Vivian Wong as a minister in the Sabah cabinet or, better still, the federal cabinet.

Urging this was Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) president Datuk Yong Teck Lee who opined that this is necessary otherwise it would be an impossible task for an ordinary MP and a fresh one at that, to chair a high-powered committee of ministers, civil servants and business and community leaders.

He noted that three days before the just concluded Sandakan by-election, DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang announced an attractive promise to form "a Special Council to return Sandakan to its old glory". This Council, according Lim, will be chaired by the new MP for Sandakan.

"If DAP lets the MP (Vivian) remains as an ordinary MP, how does Lim Kit Siang expect her to perform the extremely heavy task of returning Sandakan to its old glory? How else does Lim expect a new, back bench MP to have the influence needed to convince other ministers, to mobilise government departments to design new policies and to have the confidence of the business community?" asked Yong.

In a statement issued Sunday, Yong also reminded that with the conclusion of the Sandakan by-election, the Sandakan people now have a right to expect that the fantastic promises made by the ruling parties for Sandakan be fulfilled without any delay and excuse.

"After the last general elections, Pakatan Harapan had given the excuse that their GEl4 manifesto in 2018 could not be fulfilled because they did not expect to win last year's general elections. But, in the case of the Sandakan by-election, Pakatan is already in government and have full knowledge of both the government's resources and constraints," he said.

He reminded that top in the minds of Sabahans is the Federal Finance Minister's announcement of RM2.28 billion development funds for Sandakan four days before the nomination day. DAP had reinforced this promise with colourful campaign leaflets.

"The Sabah economy, including that of Sandakan, would be able to take off if the Sabah government has more funds for development.

"Therefore, it is long overdue that the Finance Minister of Malaysia fulfill his promise to Sabahans to return to Sabah 50 % of all tax revenues collected in Sabah and 20 % of oil royalties .

"The government has been given a second chance to fulfill its election promises such as reducing fuel prices. Economically lower fuel prices will give back more money to the people who spend the extra savings which can in turn stimulate the economy," he said. - By Michael Teh

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