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Monday, April 25, 2016

227 contest 80 seats in Sarawak election

The EC has allocated RM135.6 million for the election expected to see 1.13 million voters casting their votes on May 7.

KUCHING - The 11th Sarawak state election will witness 227 candidates contesting 80 seats after two seats were won uncontested when nomination closed today.

Election Commission (EC) chairman Mohd Hashim Abdullah said BN has fielded candidates in all 80 seats, PKR 40, DAP 31, Amanah 13, PAS 11, STAR 11, PBDS Baru five while independent candidates will contest in 35 seats.

Mohd Hashim said during the nomination process held from 9am to 10am, a total of 230 nominations were received but two were rejected while two other candidates won uncontested.

BN’s Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hassan, PBB senior vice-president, and Abdul Rahman Ismail, from the same party, retained the Bukit Sari and Bukit Kota seats respectively for their third term.

Speaking to reporters at the Sarawak EC office here, Mohd Hashim said the nomination papers of PKR candidate for Pantai Damai and independent candidate for Kuala Rejang was rejected as they were not eligible.

Mohd Hashim said the youngest candidate in the 11th state election is DAP’s Leslie Ting Xiang Zhi, 25, who is contesting the Stakan seat while the oldest candidate is BN’s Wong Soon Koh, 73, who will be contesting the Bawang Assan seat.

He said male candidates accounted for 204 nominations while 22 female candidates would also be contesting for seats.

Meanwhile, five seats will see five-cornered fights, namely Batu Kitang involving candidates from BN, DAP, PKR and two independents; Bukit Semuja (BN, DAP, PBDSB, Star and independent); Dudong (BN, DAP, Star and two independents); Bawang Assan (BN, DAP, Star and two independents) and Jepak (BN, PAS, PKR, Star and an independent).

Twelve seats will see four-cornered fights, 27 will involved three-cornered fights and 36 seats feature straight fights, he said.

Asked if the EC would save a substantial amount since two seats are not contested, Mohd Hashim said the EC would not be able to make an estimation at the moment.

He said the EC had allocated RM135.6 million for the election that is expected to see 1.13 million voters casting their votes on May 7.

Mohd Hashim said the earliest result was expected to be known by 6pm and the full results are expected to be out by 11pm.

The EC has also selected 62 observers from non-governmental organisations in the country to monitor the election.

Registered voters can check their voting status online by surfing the EC


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