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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Cops looking for man who allegedly spat on durians he sold

Police say they want to determine if the durian seller really did spit on the fruit he was packaging individually in trays and covering with plastic wrap.

PETALING JAYA - Police will be in touch with a durian seller who was caught on video allegedly spitting on the fruit he was packaging individually in trays and covering with plastic wrap.

According to an article by The Star Online, Gombak OCPD Asst Comm Ali Ahmad told the news portal that the police would certainly take action against the seller if it was determined that he had indeed committed an act that was against the law.

“We will call the worker involved and will investigate the matter. If we find that there was any wrongdoing, we will take action in accordance with the law,” he said.

A two-minute video was uploaded on the Internet Wednesday night, showing the durian seller calmly sitting at his stall, packing trays of durian fruit. However just before covering each tray with plastic wrap, the man appeared to be spitting on the fruit first.

Police sent patrol cars to the durian stall that same night but the seller was nowhere to be found.
“We need to determine if he was actually spitting,” ACP Ali told the news portal, confirming that the stall workers were Indonesian as many who had viewed the video, claimed.

He also said it was a crime to spit on food being sold as the act breached certain by-laws. “If he did indeed spit, then we will take the appropriate action and leave it to the relevant authorities,” he added.

The video has since gone viral on WhatsApp and Facebook with many viewers expressing their total shock and disgust.

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