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Monday, November 7, 2016

Sarawak Teachers Union against conversion of training colleges

It denies these teacher training institutes are underutilised and says the state should have the final say on plans to change them to vocational colleges.

The Sarawak Teachers’ Union (STU) President Jisin Nyuk today denied teacher training institutes (IPG) in Sarawak were underutilised.

He said these IPGs were crucial to meet the state’s education goals.

Speaking to FMT, Jisin refuted the statement by Deputy Education Minister Chong Sin Woon, who said earlier today that there were too many IPGs that were underutilised.

Jisin, however, disagreed and urged Chong to visit the IPGs in Sarawak and see for himself if they were really underutilised.

“The IPGs in Miri and Samarahan are very active.

“The IPG in Miri is especially important for aspiring native teachers studying there,” he said on the two IPGs set to be converted into vocational colleges or polytechnics.

Jisin said Sarawak simply could not do without the three existing IPGs, especially if it wanted to meet its 90:10 target of Sarawakian teachers versus non-Sarawakians to serve in the state.

Jisin said the state already had two vocational colleges in Kuching and Mukah, and that the one in Mukah did not have enough students.

“The state should have the final say in the matter. We know our needs better,” said Jisin.

Recently, Sarawak Chief Minister Adenan Satem hit out at the move to convert the two IPGs in the state into vocational colleges, saying it was “stupid”.

Chong said the ministry would set a date with the Sarawak government soon to set things straight.

There are currently 27 IPG campuses nationwide and it was announced that nine would be converted into vocational colleges or polytechnics.

By Robin Augustin

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