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Monday, April 17, 2017

OMG! Non-Muslims must abide by Kelantan’s Maghrib shutdown

The PAS-led Kelantan government says the policy will allow non-Muslims to take a break while Muslims observe the dusk prayer.

The Kelantan state government says a policy requiring traders to stop their activities during the Maghrib prayers also applies to non-Muslims.

“They don’t need to cease operations for long, it’s just for 10 minutes,” state local government, housing and sports committee chairman Abdul Fattah Mahmood told FMT.

He said businesses must stop their activities when the azan (call to prayer) was called.
“They can resume once prayers are done,” he said.

Fattah said the policy, currently enforced at night markets under the Kota Bharu Municipal Council (MPKB), would ensure Muslim traders and customers perform their prayers, adding that non-Muslim traders could also enjoy a short break.

The policy, first introduced by MPKB, was expanded last year to include the rest of the state.
Fattah recently warned stall operators at night markets to pause their business for 15 minutes or risk getting their licence suspended.

In 2015, MPKB implemented a similar rule in 2015, telling supermarkets and hypermarkets to close during Friday prayers.

By Aedi Asri

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