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Thursday, April 13, 2017

RM100 banknotes sold for RM20 con job busted

Desperate times calls for desperate measures but this man 's con job has landed him on the wrong side of the law.

Thinking he can cheat the system, the 37-year-old suspect’s aspiration for a life filled with luxuries had came to a halt as he was apprehended for selling fake RM100 notes for RM20 a piece.

Easy profit no doubt, but very risky business as the police revealed after apprehending the suspect.

He started about a month ago by using high quality paper and an electronic printer operating in the heart of Cheras, he was then busted by police officers after one of his recent customers was apprehended by police in Pudu.

Wangsa Maju district police chief Superintendent Roy Suhaimi Sarif Mohammad said a foreign man who served as a supervisor in the parking complex of Metro Pudu had received the counterfeit money from a local at 10am yesterday.

"The man, however, lodged a police report after suspecting it may be counterfeit money. Based on this information, the individual who had the counterfeit money was staying in one of the hotels in the area.

"Officers of the Commercial Crime Investigation Division Wangsa Maju police station rushed to the hotel before arresting the suspects," he said.

He added that the police arrested the man after discovering three banknotes of RM100 believed to be fake.

After thorough investigation, the police found out the suspect had bought the fake notes from another man and from there, the police tracked down the mastermind by making an appointment and setting up a time and place to apparently buy fake banknotes from him.

This 'sting' operation then led to his capture.

In the end, the buyers, recipients and mastermind were all remanded for further investigation under Section 489D of the Penal Code.


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