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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Sabahans Must Decide Own Fate And Future Come PRU-14 – Dr. Jeffrey

KOTA KINABALU -  “The time has come for Sabahans to decide their own fate and future and not be dependent on others to decide for them” said Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, President of Parti Solidariti Tanah Airku cum Bingkor State Assemblyman, while closing a journalism course in Tambunan on Sunday.

For so long since the Second World War, we, Sabahans, have depended on others to determine our fate and our future despite having attained self-government towards independence in 1963 and merging with the Federation of Malaya, Singapore and Sarawak to form the Federation of Malaysia, he lamented.

“Look where this dependency on others have taken us?

We have been cheated, pushed around, bullied, robbed of our oil and gas resources, our culture, our population re-engineered to favour a particular race and religion by a Malay-hegemonic regime of Malaya, who now runs Sabah like just another subservient Malay State”.

“Even our rights as a partner and as a self-governing Territory under the MA63, IGC Report, the Federal Constitution, etc. have been ignored and eroded by a series of Prime Ministers of Malaya @ Malaysia” added Dr. Jeffrey.

Now, 2 Malayan leaders, a former PM and the current PM are fighting for power as to who will get to control the 2 East Malaysian States of Sabah and Sarawak.

How should we respond?

Do we take side or should we take our own independent stand?

We, Sabahans, must learn from history and from our past mistakes lest we are condemned to repeat the same fate.

Let us not be easily influenced by political rhetorics and promises.

Let us decide our own fate.

Let us create our own mould and chart our own future.

By doing so, it doesn’t mean we, Sabahans, are anti-Malaya.  We just want to assert ourselves, that we can stand on our own and decide our own future and what we want for ourselves!.

Yes, we want good leaders and good leadership, who can generate good ideas and policies and translate them into jobs, services and prosperity for the people and for Sabah and Malaysia.

“But equally important is this good leadership must be applied to benefit Sabahans and not the Malayan Agenda as has happened during the Mahathir-era and is currently happening under Najib’s Umno” said Dr. Jeffrey.

If Sabahans do not seize this window of opportunity in PRU-14 and the prevailing circumstances to take control of their own Sabah government which will not be subservient to Umno or Malaya leaders and work to re-claim their lost rights and autonomy as an independent nation in Malaysia and to chart their own destiny and future, the same opportunity may not arise again.

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